PRIMORIUM delivers situation awareness as structured and in-depth diagnoses, contributing to the broad understanding of the situation, analyzing processes, checking organizations, considering and analyzing the prevailing culture to envision and suggest, design and create, prepare and develop, refine and detail, and ultimately implement spirals of positive changes in the business environment. The long-lasting support—from diagnosis to final implementation—is more than just an option; it is a key decision made by our Clients.

PRIMORIUM's service portfolio covers all three levels of business management: extensive hands-on operations experience enables Excellence in management consulting aimed at our Client's strategic levels

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Management by Processes | The Lean Philosophy

PRIMORIUM is based on the lean operations philosophy, including indirect and non-industrial areas.

Our concepts have high implementation rates. They are customized and based on the best market practices to be adapted to the procedural situation of each individual Client. We promote and encourage the empowerment of our Client's Teams to become multipliers of the initiatives implemented and protagonists of permanent actions for continuous improvement.

We adopt the principles of Management by Processes according to which management is based on the conception, definition, and proper implementation of Business Processes defining the Organizational Structures (process deployment) and Behavior and Culture (Training).




Diagnosis Pragmatism | Root Cause | Situation Modeling

We rely on analytical methodologies and clear and highly pragmatic approaches in situation modeling, looking for the root causes of problems and opportunities.

Improvement based on facts, on root-cause analysis, on processes, and—at all times—based on well-reasoned hypotheses. Problems and opportunities are widely discussed in high-level workshops moderated by PRIMORIUM to understand the causal relations and find solutions for the problems based on the mutual understanding of the Analytical and Structured Diagnosis.





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We offer our clients the quality, insights and professionalism of a top consulting firm, combined with high assignment flexibility and the competitive price point of a boutique.


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