In order to support our growth we demand the most exceptional people. We welcome applicants for the following positions:

Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst you'll be working on projects across different industries and functional areas, providing quantitative analyses and researching information from various sources. You will lead interviews with market players and industry specialists, take part in client meetings and be involved in problem-solving activities. Your work will have direct impact for our clients – and you will have visibility about a project from beginning to its completion.
You will receive continuous support and coaching on the job by more senior colleagues and will attend trainings in problem structuring & solving, as well as in communication skills.


Associates take responsibility for significant parts of a project and coach more junior team members. Your focus will shift towards understanding complex issues, developing respective solutions and facilitating their implementation. As a result, your exposure to clients will increase significantly.
Also, you will start developing specialized knowledge for industries, functions or methodologies.


As a Manager you will take the responsibility for running a project and its team. You will coordinate all activities from analyzing a client's situation and the context to developing solutions for the problem. Ultimately you ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget, and that it exceeds the client's expectations. You will give your team members formal and informal feedback and will help them to develop their skills.
When not dealing with the project you will play a role in developing SingerInserra by participating in recruiting activities and training programs, and by writing articles.


As a Principal you will be expected to manage multiple projects and clients. In particular, you will develop business and relationships of trust with our clients. You will be able to discuss business issues that are outside the immediate scope of the current projects – and clients will look for your opinion and advice.
You will contribute significantly towards managing the company and developing its broader business and strategic position, and also play a strong role in coaching and mentoring more junior colleagues.

Partner / Associate Partner

Partners both lead the company and have trustful relationships with the most senior clients. You represent our values and principles, internally and externally, and define the culture of the firm. Looking back to a successful career in consulting and/or industry, you are an intellectual leader and strategic thinker.


In addition we contract Independent Specialists as consultants, subject manager experts and advisors.


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