About 125,000 years ago, we understood fire, and from there, we experienced extraordinary brain development and learned that from the Sun, Water, Earth, and its riches, we could obtain incredible abundance, which would allow us to go beyond anything frontier in our long journey over the face of this planet. AGRICULTURE was born.

In addition to extracting, we learn to cultivate, far beyond hunting and being hunted, we learn to create and defend ourselves.

And it was from the Sun, Water and Earth and their riches that we experienced amazing spirals of technological progress on countless fronts, also giving us the mistaken interpretation that the maximization of results would have no end, and that it could be obtained at any cost.

And it is today, finally, exactly when the Planet makes us more than clear that our continuity will depend on our inexhaustible capacity to adapt, the demand for convergence appears clear to us: convergence of conscious habits with consumption patterns and chains of sustainable values, from operational efficiency to the reuse of resources and the circular economy.

It is exactly today and now that we agree that the next step in human adaptation means consolidating respect, practicing Ethics, exercising compassion is following without illusions of comfort zones, consciously seeking our continuous improvement.

The central stage of economic recovery and adequacy and wealth generation in Brazil is AGRIBUSINESS, and when this stage finds resonance in the implementation of concepts that arise with an innovative and true purpose regarding respect for the Planet, People and their values universal, the added value is immense, and the benefits are automatically collective.

The purpose of PRIMORIUM AGRIBUSINESS Unit is to enable significant increases in the generation of value, improving business activity in this fascinating sector with leaps in efficiency and quality.

Our role is to increase possibilities, identify opportunities, improve concepts, enable positive changes, and accomplish what seemed unattainable.

PRIMORIUM AGRIBUSINESS contributes with broad situational understandings, analyzing processes, verifying organizations, considering and questioning the current culture, to then glimpse and suggest, conceive and create,
elaborate and develop, refine and detail, until implementing extraordinary inspirations in the AGRIBUSINESS environment.

It acts independently and independently, but is committed to Ethics, Respect for the Planet and Life, and Universal Principles of Equal Rights. It perceives the need for debate, values differences, believes in common sense, in reasonableness, and will strive for a consensus of ideas, even aware that it is not obvious, sometimes unattainable.

It is exactly today, and exactly in Brazil, that streams of value addition are created and improved, where food is produced in the full Harmony that our Earth needs so much. It is exactly today and in Brazil that the energy matrix is increasingly clean and renewable.

AGRIBUSINESS is the portion of Brazil that, despite all the regrets, DEMONSTRATES every day that it is possible to succeed. AGRIBUSINESS is the Brazil that sets examples, and PRIMORIUM AGRIBUSINESS is a platform of Excellence in consulting services, dedicated to the business management of AGRIBUSINESS.


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