HealthCareManagement – A Bola da Vez é o Setor de Saúde | Top Performance in Strategic Supply-Chain Mgmt. | Part 6

(Por Alexandre Inserra)

The transfer of practices, methods and even culture between different economic sectors occurs especially when they demonstrate: (a) robust demand growth, (b) similar operational complexity, (c) increased competition and consolidations and (d) spontaneous migration of talents. These four conditions are clearly met for the HealthCare sector, in relation to several others, especially in the Brazilian environment, maintaining substantial rates of attraction and retention of competences. What has motivated the transfer is usually the development and optimization of highly strategic and integrated value chains, bringing together a set of best practices absorbed also from the manufacturing industry. The result? Highly competitive organizations presenting Top Performance typical of those who quickly assimilated and implemented the principles of Strategic Supply-Chain Management.

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On several occasions during 2005, I had the opportunity to fly, from the MANAGEMENT ENGINEERS headquarters in Düsseldorf, to the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, a binational airport located on the edge of Saint-Louis and Hésingue, in France, serving the cities of Freiburg, (Freiburg - Germany), Mulhouse, (France) and Basel (Basel - Switzerland).

My final destination was always the last, an important reference in the chemical, pharmaceutical and related industries (Chemical & Life-Science). Customers, global players in their respective areas of activity, had discovered the power of competitiveness they could achieve, if they redefined their production and distribution chains precisely.

During one of those flights, and not by coincidence, but as part of my team integration process, I was introduced by a Project colleague to a publication by McGraw Hill that same year, capable of causing real disruption, proposing that “supply- chain is seen as a strategic asset”, and pointing out the five main disciplines in this sense. The publication is co-authored by Shoshanah Cohen and Joseph Roussel, and was described by Jim Miller, then Vice President of Operations for Cisco Systems: “This book will serve as a timeless tool for those looking to transform their organization's supply chain into a sustainable competitive advantage.”

Jim was not only correct, but accurate. For most professional teams in the field, including on European soil, the publication had become a great reference, in fact, timeless. It still serves me today as a booklet and a great reference and recommendation; this week, a colleague asked me for a book suggestion on the topic to delve into. Bingo! I once again sent a cellphone made picture of the cover photo of "Strategic Supply Chain Management - The 5 disciplines for top performance" as an excellent source of practical and current knowledge.


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(Posting the cover has the only intention of recommending the book to the readers and has been authorized by Mr. Joseph Roussel)

The "new normal" will not, in turn, be "so disruptive", to the point of leaving the publication and its teachings in the background. They remain as valid, as they have always been. Disruptive even, for several players, who have not yet considered the idea of extracting the maximum competitiveness from their chain, managing it strategically.

And as we have pleaded, “the real thing now is the Health sector”, and many of the principles put forward by S. Cohen and J. Roussel are empirically observed in the Brazilian #healtcaremanagement market.

Business groups that seem to have largely absorbed and implemented the strategic principles that govern management focused on maximum performance using their value chain, (even if fundamentally based on services), as strategic assets, find great resonance with which plead directly or indirectly the authors cited.

As a common market best-practice, and with a great impact on competitiveness, these groups:

(a) deliver a unique service commitment with a permanent focus on the Client / Patient, (Strategic Supply-Chain), based on service chains capable of delivering excellent experiences, with highly competitive costs; as we have pleaded, in these operations the lived reported experience is used in continuous improvement practices.

“It is precisely by placing your "Client or Patient "at the beginning and end of the value chains, that the true strategic relevance of the value chain is evident. Only with this end-to-end on the Patient approach, assertive demand estimates for the entire chain can be gauged. It is also in your “Client / Patient", that the Health Manager and his Team must seek the much needed "feedback from the chain", and "lessons-learned", otherwise, there are no cyclical elements of continuous improvement for Operational Excellence”, as I had previously stated;

(b) have conscious decision-making processes and a high speed of implementation - mainly in matters of "make / buy": clear business awareness of the installed competencies, and which require external support or total outsourcing. The novelty is to take critical operational decision making, in real time, and in an autonomous way;

(c) effectively measure the performance of the value chain themselves, including the performance of third parties, and work to improve it in P.D.C.A cycles, with professional supplier management, including proactive development cycles;

(d) manage their building and clinical assets in a strategic way (acquisition, maintenance, disposal), using intelligent and precision maintenance techniques, reaching the ideal level of availability of the assets, at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership;

(e) use a large amount of data, in a structured and strategic way, to gauge important predictions regarding the quantity and nature of demand for your services, the quality of your revenue and expenditure flows and to perceive signs of change behavioral behaviors inside and outside your target audience to generate value in an increasing way. "We have leading indicators that the occupation of non-critical beds will continue to decrease.", quoted Paulo Chapchap, director general Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in an excellent interview given to reporter Cláudia Collucci of Folha de S. Paulo, undoubtedly one of the institutions symbol of operational excellence in the current health scenario in Brazil.

The principles already transferred and applied to other sectors at the beginning of this century are still very current for all value chains on the planet, and are causing huge leaps in the HealthCare sector in Brazil.




OUR PEOPLE have been contributing with managers from different sectors in the search for Operational Excellence, and we have noticed an increasing demand in the HealthCare Area to absorb the concepts presented didactically in this Article. Contact us if you want to know more about our practices or apply them in your business environment.


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